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 Agile?! What's an Agile Process?

We prefer to use an Agile methodology - or occassionally CMMI if necessary. Traditional waterfall software projects articulate a complete set of requirements - and then shift into production - with few if any intermediate checkpoints. This legacy led many software projects to failure to accomplish objectives on time or budget - or meeting the customer's expectations.

Over the last decade a group of methodologies following the Agile Manifesto have been adopted as best practise for a number of reasons. 

  1. Project Definition
    • Identify Stakeholders
    • Goals, Objectives & Critical Success Metrics
    • Scope & Statement of Work (SOW) with Deliverables
  2. Project Requirements
    • Budget, Resources Available
    • Graphics, Tone Desired & Existing Materials
    • Email Handling, Forms Management, Document Repository, Other Custom Functionality
    • Membership, Subscriptions, Roles and Editing Requirements
    • Initial Site Structure
  3. Planning
    • Task List & Schedule
    • Identify Risks, Adjust Scope and SOW
    • Refine Budget & Obtain Stakeholder Approval
  4. Agile Execution (repeats)
    • Initiate Regular Communication and Meetings
    • Track Project Progress
    • Project Change & Issue Remediation Procedure
    • Project Documentation
  5. Closing Steps
    • Stakeholder Buy-off & Wrap-up
    • Final Report

Great examples of these in practise on large federal level projects include the ONC's recent Health IT successes: and

Vashon Software has created nearly a dozen different setup programs for simple projects on up to complex operating systems. We know Microsoft Installer and InstallShield products and the issues associated with them - so you don't need to learn them.

We heavily modified & ported setup programs for Windows NT operating system, Windows SDK and DDKs, half a dozen commercial products, and even some simple brochure downloads.

Contact us to discuss how your clients can smoothly install your products and information on their computers.

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