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is an international consulting and contract programming firm providing innovative, high-quality components for servers. All work is managed by John Cornelison, a professional software developer with 30 years of experience.

Pragmatic and customer-focused, we seek to understand your needs and concerns before looking at specific strategies and solutions. Personable and amiable, we enjoy working with a broad range of clients - and with their customers as desired.

prides itself in providing innovatively designed, well-documented, robust implementations. Where appropriate, we leverage high productivity development software libraries and frameworks such as C++ and C#, Active Template Library, Java, jQuery or Modernizr, as appropriate to your solution.

Explore this site to see our achievements, John's resume, the services we currently offer, and our client list.

Contact us to discuss our current availability and for a quote on your custom programming needs. For details, see our policy page.

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