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By John on 1/20/2011 8:32 AM is alerting folks that a number of Smart Phones automatically insert GPS coordinates as a meta tag. Apparently this is being taken advantage of by unscrupulous folks, so beware!

By John on 1/19/2011 8:43 AM
Symantec Corp. announced Jan. 19th the findings of its report on Attack Toolkits and Malicious Websites.  The study reveals that as attack kits become more accessible and relatively easier to use, they are being utilized much more widely. This has attracted traditional criminals who would otherwise lack the technical expertise into cybercrime, fueling a self-sustaining, profitable, and increasingly organized global economy.

Attack toolkits are software programs that can be used by novices and experts alike to facilitate the launch of widespread attacks on networked computers.  These kits enable the attacker to easily launch numerous pre-written threats against computer systems.  They also provide the ability to customize threats in order to evade detection, as well as automating the attack process.

According to Government Security News:

By John on 1/11/2011 9:02 AM

USA Today is reporting that cyber-spammers have unexpectedly slowed their spamming – but only because they are seeking new avenues of attack.

Based on the the best book I’ve seen on the topic, these dastardly folks are now employing direct attacks on individuals’ investments and retirement savings. In the past they seems to largely extort corporation who wanted to keep their profitable web sites online from DDOS attacks.

By John on 1/10/2011 9:42 AM
rvu_logo The RVU Alliance is promoting a system for using one set-top box in the home (not one sitting next to every display unit) to handle all the TV displays (live TV & DVR content) throughout the home.Still it sounds like a promising new packaging of standard, existing technology such as DLNA and UPnP. I think.

One will need be patient though as the first such unit doesn’t come out for a few months yet, according to

By John on 1/10/2011 9:04 AM

Seattle dogs need to watch their bathroom etiquette. Apparently a dog got electrocuted last November while urinating on a light pole. Ever since Seattle City Light has been finding additional light poles that are electrified – and representing a serious hazard for our best friends!

By John on 1/6/2011 9:28 AM In today’s meeting, the Meaningful Use Workgroup decided to move having discrete data (e.g., probably in some XML-type format, to be specified by the standards committee) be a stage 2 meaningful use criterion, whereas it had been set for stage 3 previously. Nice!

PDFs, images, long text narratives, and other “blob-like” formats will still be needed for legacy data, but there certainly is no reason to dumb-down data that is already stored in individual...
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