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By John on 11/22/2010 12:11 PM

Last week the HIT Policy Committee asked Chair John Lumpkin, M.D. to resolve some nettlesome issues in a proposal for the National Health Information Network’s governance structure according to

The flexibility of a non-profit structure was desired, but the group would be formed under Federal Advisory Committee Act rules and questions of how much authority to grant a non-profit prevented moving ahead with the plan immediately.

By John on 11/20/2010 11:29 AM
File:Differentsmartcardpadlayouts.jpgIt appears that the ONC may require digital certificates to ensure authentication of provider entities, according to notes from yesterday’s HIT Policy Committee’s Privacy and Security Tiger Team meeting. This would then lead to an accreditation program – and an entire inter-EHR trust framework of privacy and security practices and policies – to reduce the likelihood of theft or accidental leaks of healthcare data – everyone’s nightmare.

According to the presentation,...
By John on 11/3/2010 8:04 AM
Genealogists, musicians, photographers and others are finding it easy to create a wide variety of digital data. Super!

But keeping that data vital over a period of years is more elusive than many people realize. Simply because we tend to upgrade our computers and move data from device to device we avoid some of the issues with media degradation (or blame it on our sloppy data management practices) and in other cases we simply haven’t checked that those DVDs in the bank vault (or more likely corner of the garage) are maintaining an accurate copy of our bits.

The basic trick is to store multiple copies in multiple locations, on media formats that have been around a long time. But don’t forget to migrate that data periodically to larger capacity, formats every few years.

For a detailed review of best practices, see this good article: “Best Reliable Long-term Data Storage Media, how to preserve your digital photos, family videos, music files and documents for your children and grandchildren.”

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