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By John on 9/29/2010 1:50 PM
ARM Cortex-A9 diagramMy frugal mother would have been proud, as I generally hold off on electronics purchases until just after the new technology appears. I love the thoroughness and insights of, but ZDNet just put out a solid overview of the upcoming processors that will power the next generation of mobile devices:

John Morris’ article notes that the current ARM Cortex-A8 will get replaced early next year with the SMP, multi-cored Cortex-A9 for about a 4x speed boost. Just entering production now, these are fast enough to handle 1080p video with an HDMI interface....
By johnhost on 9/16/2010 6:39 AM

NHIN U Dean's List.532x400 I just received notification that I was one of a score of people to make the Dean’s List on the inaugural semester of the NHIN University. I’m honored – even if I didn't have to sit through any exams.

I will pass along my recommendation for these sessions as they invariably have key players presenting – and periodically are a venue for some key announcements.

By John on 9/15/2010 9:39 PM
New for Windows Internet Explorer 9 Internet Explorer has been derided for years, but generally by those not really paying attention. Check out the latest, at for a nice listing of the advances available today, in the new IE 9 Beta, such as advances in CSS3, HTML5, SVG, DataURI (=embedded images), delegation of graphics and text rendering to the graphics card via Direct2D and DirectWrite, plus better dev tools - and the fast new Chakra JavaScript engine that is much better integrated with the Trident Layout engine. Oh ya, rounded corners too. I think they’re catching up! A dose of reality though: IE is only available on Vista and Win 7, no longer even XP. ...
By John on 9/15/2010 8:40 AM
Though still in an alpha state, today’s new release has a number of new features:

New services: Administrative Distribution (HITSP T63 - Emergency Message Distribution using EDXL) to submit non-patient specific data (e.g., document-based reports or discrete data from one NHIO to another NHIO using a “Push” mechanism), & Deferred Document Query & Retrieve – to handle latency issues – but only with a single target. Key interfaces can now be accessed via straight Java, unsecured web services,...
By John on 9/11/2010 11:24 AM

If you want to disaster proof yourself, consider putting your critical (but non-private) files on a server. Unless you are the trusting type, use this as a backup – or keep a backup on a hard drive that you control. I’ve used, but here is a listing of many more options:

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