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By John on 6/21/2008 7:50 AM
Much maligned due to its poor support for style sheets and numerous bugs, Microsoft's FrontPage still was reasonably friendly by virtue of its WYSIWYG interface and integrated into enterprise SharePoint sites. Its derivative changed names to avoid the poor rep - and with good justification. The next product in this slot, Expression Web, was totally overhauled, supported by a complementary suite of Expression products.

Expression Web 2 is now out and according to PC Mag's latest analysis may even best Adobe's fuller featured Dreamweaver CS4! Nice additions are support for PHP, native Photoshop PSD files, Silverlight (and improved Flash support). Lack of support for secure FTP - and for universal client-side scripting - mars the picture somewhat. This is good news for folks generating web content.

Now if KompoZer, the best open source WYSIWYG HTML editor,...
By John on 6/19/2008 5:55 AM

This fun image comes from Jim Collins' book Good to Great. As he notes, the goal is to understand what you can be the best at, not some goal, strategy, intention or plan to be the best. Read more at The idea to do the best at one focused goal - to the exclusion of (nearly) all else to attain one's best potential comes from the Greek poet Archilochus, as brought forward by Isaiah Berlin's essay, The Hedgehog and the Fox. More on this at

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